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“Humanitarian Alternatives” is a project financially supported by five foundations represented
in the Partners Council: the Action Against Hunger Foundation (Serge Breysse), the French Red-Cross Fund (Jean-François Mattei), the Fondation de France (Francis Charhon), the Handicap International Foundation (Nathalie Herlemont-Zoritchak) and the Mérieux Foundation (Benoît Miribel).

In collaboration with a network of partner universities and institutes being developed: Université Laval (Québec), Chaire Raoul Dandurand / UQAM (Montréal), Université Lumière Lyon II / Université de Lyon, Institut Bioforce

The project initiators have a triple ambition:

  • To create an open access journal, contributing to a critical thinking of the humanitarian sector on its own practices, challenges and evolutions.
  • To create a meeting place and a space for dialogue, proximity and a dynamic exchange between researchers in humanities (sociology, history, economy, anthropology...) and practitioners of humanitarian action concerning the challenges that our sector is confronted with
  • To give a broader international audience to a specific approach of humanitarian action rooted in the “without borders” movement, through the pooling of resources, thinking and projects;

The Humanitarian Alternatives journal is characterised by the publication of original contributions, validated by an independent reading committee. 
The journal will be published three times a year, each issue being structured around a specific topic. A possibility of subscription for the printed version and single-issue purchase are also intended.

To know more about the aims of the project initiators, we invite you to read the Editorial of the Inaugural Issue.

Organizational chart

Publication director: Bernard Michel
Steering Council (temporary): Serge Breysse • Yvan Conoir • Bruno David • Jean-François Mattei • Benoît Miribel • Nathalie Herlemont-Zoritchak • Jean-Baptiste Richardier • Jean-Christophe Rufin • Virginie Troit
Chief Editor: Boris Martin, contact e-mail :
Editorial adviser for the English version : Philip Wade
Coordination:  Audrey Sala, contact e-mail:
Translators : Atenao text work • Marc Duc • Mandy Duret • Faye Guerry • Alain Johnson • Philip Wade
Correction: Catherine Tranchant for the French version and Philip Wade for the English version
Acknowledgements: Laethicia Lamotte (Handicap International) • Margaux Luciani, Jason Soffe (Fondation Mérieux) • Sabur Chowdhury (Friendship) • Pauline Restoux, Olivier Vercherand (In medias res) • Anne Pellichero • Philip Wade

Conception: In medias res
ISSN (printed): 2492-7120
ISSN (on-line): 2494-2804

Printer: Imprimerie Brailly - Saint-Genis-Laval


Partners Council: Serge Breysse • Francis Charhon • Jean-François Mattei • Benoît Miribel • Nathalie Herlemont-Zoritchak


* "Broken Chair", erected Place des Nations in Geneva on the initiative of Handicap International is an artwork of Daniel Berset.