Summary – Issue N°4

  Nathalie Herlemont-Zoritchak Regaining a sense of the humanitarian imperative p. 3
  François Frison-Roche Yemen: a conflict behind closed doors p. 12
  Lucile Grosjean Yemen: the challenge of maintaining a humanitarian access p. 17
Focus: Syria: the future in limbo
  Entretien avec Laure Stephan, Jean-Hervé Bradol et Matthieu Rey Crossing glances on Syria p. 36
  Dr Kamel Mohanna Impacts of the Syrian crisis in Lebanon: civil society as a vector of solidarity p. 64
  Peter Harling

Alex Simon

Rosalie Berthier

The aid regime to Syria: a failed localisation p. 70
  Sami Aoun Syria: will diplomacy put an end to the massacre? p. 82
  Entretien avec Stephen O’Brien “We need unconditional, unimpeded and sustained access to every single vulnerable person in Syria” p. 94
  Gwenaëlle Luc-Menichelli Challenges and dilemmas in the implementation of ethical standards in humanitarian programmes p. 104
  Diana Volonakis

Susana Borda Carulla

Children as agents of social and political change for water protection advocacy in post-conflict Colombia p. 120
  Agnès Varraine-Leca Seeing Syria again p. 132
  Totally Brax Silence p. 145
  Books Humanitarian economics. War, disaster and the global aid market p. 146
  Idealism beyond borders. The French revolutionary left and the rise of humanitarianism, 1954-1988 p. 151

To download the summary in a PDF version please click here.

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