Coming soon the 5th issue “Africa: between shadow and light”

We are pleased to announce the publication of our next issue: “Africa: between shadow and light”

It will be available online by July 5th and in the printed version from July 10th.

Presentation of the 5th issue

Like humanity, it is in Africa where, in a way, the modern humanitarian aid was born. In 1968, almost 50 years ago, the embryo of MSF took shape in the reduced Biafra, challenging the ICRC’s hegemony. Above all, by pointing the spotlight on Africa, NGOs and the media unveiled what would almost become the “humanitarian continent” with its many famines and wars also nourishing a victim iconography. It is undoubtedly there when afro-pessimism was born. However, the continent recovered, facing immense challenges (such as the recent Ebola crisis), displaying an encouraging economic growth and exporting its various talents. A wave of afro-optimism then rose. But have we gone too far, too fast, in this pathway? By preferring the idea of ​​an afro-realism, this dossier proposes, without pretending to be exhaustive, to measure the scope of the perils that the continent will have to face, as much as the means it has to confront it. In other words, if the evils of Africa remain, have the humanitarian aid and the way of practicing changed?

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  • Editorial

The challenges of humanitarian transition in Africa – Virginie Troit and Jean-François Mattei

  • Perspectives

Humanitarian aid as a deterrent in Greece – Arjun Claire

Sheltering, hosting or receiving refugees: the unresolved ambiguities of the La Linière refugee camp  – Franck Esnée and Michaël Neuman

  • Focus : Africa: between shadow and light

Sub-Saharan Africa: worrying clouds on the horizon – Serge Michailof
Senegal: The difficulty for NGOs to gain independence from the State – Sadio Ba Gning et Kelly Poulet

The impact of international proceedings for bypassing the State: the example of Madagascar – Christiane Rafidinarivo

  • Ethics

The ethics of care versus humanitarian exceptionalism – Arnaud Dandoy

  • Reportage

Afghan Stories : Waiting for Hope – Sandra Calligaro

  • Culture

Totally Brax

Film : Interview with Jonathan Littell – “Barbarity is well shared : no religion exerts a monopoly over it”

Books : Chronicle of a genocide – Development aid in 350 words – In times of remote-control war – Is humanitarianism on the decline? – A guide to fight against health inequalities