Summary – Issue N°5


  Virginie Troit

Jean-François Mattei-

The challenges of humanitarian transition in Africa p. 3


  Arjun Claire Humanitarian aid as a deterrent in Greece p. 14
  Franck Esnée

Michaël Neuman

Sheltering, hosting or receiving refugees: the unresolved ambiguities of the La Linière refugee camp p. 30

Focus : Afrique: entre ombre et lumière

  Serge Michailof Sub-Saharan Africa: worrying clouds on the horizon p. 46
  Sadio Ba Gning

Kelly Poulet

Senegal: The difficulty for NGOs to gain independence from the State p. 61
  Christiane Rafidinarivo The impact of international proceedings for bypassing the State: the example of Madagascar p. 74


  Arnaud Dandoy The ethics of care versus humanitarian exceptionalism p. 88


  Sandra Calligaro Afghan Stories : Waiting for Hope p. 100


  Totally Brax   p. 115
  Film “Barbarity is well shared : no religion exerts a monopoly over it”, interview with Jonathan Littell p. 116
  Books Chronicle of a genocide p. 121
  Development aid in 350 words p. 130
  In times of remote-control war p. 131
  Is humanitarianism on the decline? p. 139
  A guide to fight against health inequalities p. 144

To download the summary in a PDF version please click here.

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