For a climate against hunger – Action Against Hunger

Following de conference we co-organised with the French Red-Cross Fund in the context of the 10th Convergences World Forum,

“Impacts of climate change on poverty and humanitarian crisis: overview and proposals from civil society organisations?”

we communicate, the position paper of Action Against Hunger on climate.

As climate change aggravates humanitarian crises, bridging the humanitarian development gap becomes increasingly important. This includes building resilience to reduce needs and supporting sustainable livelihoods to adapt to future shocks. These discussions also highlight the numerous unsolved issues around human rights in humanitarian contexts and particularly with climate change induced displacement.

Action Against Hunger recognizes that the impact of Climate Change could be disastrous and undermine years of progress in the fight against hunger and malnutrition. As a humanitarian and development actor working to eradicate hunger and under-nutrition and meet the sustainable development goals (SDGs), Action Against Hunger is committed to promote policy changes to improve the humanitarian system, international development assistance, and national and international climate change frameworks and initiatives.

Action Against Hunger main recommendations on climate change:

  • International processes, commitments, and funding related to climate change must respond to the humanitarian impacts of climate change and that nutrition security pillars (food security, health security, sanitary environment, mental health and care practices and education) are addressed, with a particular focus on the most vulnerable

  • All national policies related to nutrition security must account for the impacts of climate change on the respective sectors through the inclusion of appropriate strategies and guidelines to mitigate these new challenges
  • The humanitarian system must adapt to respond to the increasing and more unpredictable humanitarian needs resulting from climate change. This implies change from States, Donors and Aid practitioners
  • Human rights and International humanitarian law must be respected in the face of climate change, this particularly applies to forcibly displaced people and people threatened by climate change and the measures taken for its mitigation or adaptation

The report in English, is available here.

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