Steering Committee

In accordance with the statutes, the administration of the association is collegial. The Board is composed of the founding members and co-opted members. In 2019, the Board co-opted Maria Rubio, former Financial Director of Handicap International, who now assists us in the financial analysis of the association, and Philippe Ryfman, professor and lawyer at the Paris Bar, specialist in association and foundation law, who joined the Board as a referent for the Forum Espace Humanitaire, which Alternatives Humanitaires now manages.

Although the Board is statutorily independent of the organisations that finance the review, it bases its decisions on the advice of the Steering Council, which functions as an enlarged Board. The Steering Council is consulted on the review’s editorial line and its evolution, as well as on the strategy of financing, communication, development and diversification of the association’s activities around the journal.

The Steering Council was composed of :

Board members: Jean-François Mattei, Benoît Miribel, Jean-Baptiste Richardier, Jean-Christophe Rufin, Bernard Michel, Maria Rubio, Philippe Ryfman;

Representatives of the financial partners: Jean-Pierre BOSSER (Fondation Mérieux), Francis COMTE (OVE Foundation), Emanuela CROCE (CARE-France), Romain DE VRIES (Secours Catholique), Luc LAMPRIÈRE (Institut HI pour l’Action Humanitaire), Karine MEAUX (Fondation de France), Pascal REVAULT (Fondation Action Contre la Faim), Bénédicte SCHUTZ (Gouvernement princier de Monaco/Direction de la coopération internationale), Virginie TROIT (Fondation Croix-Rouge française), Joël WEILER (Fondation de Médecin du Monde);

Co-opted members: Francis CHARHON, Yvan CONOIR, Bruno-Georges DAVID.

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