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Finding the proper balance between generations


Étienne Baudon • Action contre la Faim

It seemed fitting to us to give voice to a young employee of an NGO when we developed the theme of “generational changes”. It is an effective way to get to know and better understand how members of the younger generation have come to characterise humanitarian aid, and to identify the points they share and do not share with their elders – and to reflect on what the all generations can create together. Read the article

From enchantment to questioning: the changing face of humanitarian commitment

É. Gazeau

Éric Gazeau • Directeur général de Résonances Humanitaires

Founded in 2002 to assist former international aid workers with their social and professional reintegration, Résonances Humanitaires has become a valuable observatory over the years. In this article, its co-founder, Eric Gazeau, shares his vision and analysis of the changing profiles of successive generations of humanitarian personnel and the evolution in their humanitarian commitments. Read the article

Should the “new young humanitarians” hack the system?

A. Houmaï-Romy

V. Taillandier

Amélia Houmaïri-Romy Chercheuse indépendante en management organisationnel et stratégique

Vincent Taillandier Facilitateur, consultant et enseignant, co-fondateur de la SCIC Les Maisons de l’Intelligence Collective

Even though it does not have the weight of a full investigation, let alone a sociological study, the survey conducted by Amélia Houmaï-Romy and Vincent Taillandier nonetheless provides much food for thought. Appearing to embrace the aspirations of their elders whilst having a clear awareness of the humanitarian sector’s pitfalls, the “new young humanitarians” may hold the keys to change, as long as they are not made to bear responsibility for it. To overcome this dichotomy, the authors put forward the idea of an intergenerational alliance. Read the article

Integration, inclusion, induction: how Médecins Sans Frontièreswelcomes new generations

W. Empson

C. Pétriat

S. Manfredi

William Empson, Cécile Pétriat et Stefano Manfredi • Médecins Sans Frontières Suisse

As an organisation with a strong history and an iconic image, Médecins Sans Frontièreshas thought about the integration of new generations coming on board. Taking a practical, trial-and-error approach, dogmatic conscious that young people need to find their place, MSF has implemented various processes to encourage their integration and evolve without renouncing its principles of action. Read the article

Training future generations of international aid professionals: challenges and discussion topics

S. Tchiombiano

Stéphanie Tchiombiano Coresponsable du master « Développement et aide humanitaire » (Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne)

France is by no means lacking in training for young people looking to pursue humanitarian causes. As head of one of the most prestigious Master’s degrees on the subject, Stéphanie Tchiombiano wonders how we can best satisfy the needs of the aid sector and the career aspirations of students. Read the article