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The use of digital tools at large scale: lessons from a health programme in Burkina Faso

Enric Jané • Terre des hommes, Switzerland

Guillaume Foutry • Terre des hommes, Burkina Faso

Simon Sanou • Ministry of Health of Burkina Faso

E. Jané

G. Foutry

S. Sanou

The first article of this Focus is feedback from a digital health project Terre des hommes has led for almost eight years. This timeframe makes it possible for the authors to argue that from the outset a project such as this must be designed on a large scale and in cooperation with the government, that it must follow an iterative approach to continuously take user feedback into account and overcome resistance to change

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The arbitration required between possibilities of new technologies and usefulness for populations

Karine Le Roch, Nicolas Dennefeld, Caroline Antoine, Melchior de Roquemaurel, Jonathan Bureau, Myriam Ait-Aissa • Action Contre la Faim

K. Le Roch

N. Dennefeld

C. Antoine

M. de Roquemaurel

K. Bureau

M. Ait-Aissa






The resurgence of new technological tools requires humanitarian actors to take stock of their possibilities, applicability and interest for populations.

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At the era of “humanitarian digitisation”, lifting the veil of newness

Nathaniel A. Raymond and Daniel P. Scarnecchia • Harvard Humanitarian Initiative

N. Raymond

D. Scarnecchia

Applications of digital information communication technologies (ICTs) are now commonplace across the disaster response cycle. But some gaps leave a critical and emerging set of risk factors largely unaddressed in a comprehensive way by the humanitarian sector. Read the article

Fostering good practices in the use of information and communications technologies

Maëve de France et Nina-Flore Eissen • CartONG

M. de France

N-F. Eissen

Integrating the use of new technologies within an NGO cannot be improvised. This is the key message Maëve de France and Nina-Flore Eissen pass on here. The two authors present strong recommendations for the humanitarian sector based on CartONG’s significant experience in the subject.

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Humanitarian drones: useful tool, toxic image

Michiel Hofman • Médecins Sans Frontières

M. Hofman

Undoubtedly it is technological tools that crystallize fantasies of efficiency and the greatest ambiguities the most. Drones induce multiple confusions –between civil and military use, interests of populations, NGOs and companies that do not always converge– that Michiel Hofman decrypts for us.

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