Summary – Inaugural Issue


Jean-François Mattei, Benoît Miribel, Jean-Baptiste Richardier Jean-Christophe Rufin

    Why risk publishing a new international humanitarian review?
  Eleanor Davey
    Humanitarian action beyond the “French doctors”
Focus : Ebola : La fin du cauchemar ?
  Pf Jean-François Delfraissy, Benoît Miribel
    Lessons from Ebola
  Michael Edelstein, David L. Heymann
    Ebola: past, present and future
  Jean-Hervé Bradol
    The response to the Ebola epidemic: negligence, improvisation and authoritarianism
  Jean-Pierre Veyrenche
    Tale of a mission to Liberia, unlike any other
  Aboubacar Sidiki Diakité
    Ebola in Guinea: strengths and weaknesses brought to the fore
  Gaëlle Faure, Jérôme Bestier, Pauline Lavirotte, Magalie Vairetto, Jean-Baptiste Richardier
    Breaking the Ebola virus transmission chains: the story of a deployment in Sierra Leone
  Christophe Longuet, Alex Salam, Jake Dunning
    Ebola research: an encounter between science and humanitarian action
  Jean-François Mattei
    Haïti, or humanitarian ethics under question
  Thomas Fouquet
    Humanitarian action in the face of civic mobilisations. The example of the Senegalese movement Y en a marre

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