Summary – Second Issue

  B. Miribel 
    The World Humanitarian Summit: What lies ahead?
  J-C. Rufin 
    Humanitarian action in times of « war on terror »
Focus : World Humanitarian Summit : questions remaining to be answered  
   W-D. Eberwein
    World Humanitarian Summit: on the road to Istanbul
  P. Chetchuti, K. Penrose-Theis
    A humanitarian consensus à la française
  G. Price-Jones 
    The Summit of greater uncertainty
  D. Tan, M. Ndiaye
    Crossing glances from Asia and Africa towards Istanbul
  A. Héry, A. Peigney
    Standards and finances: analysis of the report of Ban Ki-moon
  A. Azize Diallo
    Between hopes and fears: what Africa expects from the World Humanitarian Summit
  P. Le Coz 
    Ethical deliberation at the service of humanitarian action
  R. Khan 
    New models of working and partnership in development: the example of Friendship, a Bangladeshi organisation
  S. Maltais, Y. Conoir
    The Canadian Humanitarian Coalition: is three-tiered humanitarianism in the making?
  P. Rochot 
    “Providing proof and showing things through pictures”
   Totally Brax: War against terror
   Film: The White Knights, by Joachim Lafosse
   Book: Hunger, by Martín Caparrós

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