A Story of Humanitarian Aid


Publisher’s comments

“Too many segmented visions hide the multifaceted reality of humanitarian aid, despite being a crucial factor for survival, care and restoring rights and dignity of tens of millions of people, and a space of commitment of hundreds of thousand others. To better understand its issues, specificities and dynamics, we must first reexamine its genealogy. And then, show the successive emergences, the founding principles, the diversity of actors, and the continuity of mutations.

The approach has to be mirrored in order to understand the present by linking it to its historical depth. In an international context where unprecedented conflicts, catastrophes and pandemics arise on our interconnected, urbanized and populated planet, the humanitarian need won’t decrease any time soon. At the same time, responding to it is becoming every time more complex, between the difficulties of access, the insecurity, the tightening of sovereignties and the return of excluding ideologies; the whole while organizational and technologic transitions are underway.”