Summary – Issue N°7

  Boris Martin Squaring the circle p. 3
  Michiel Hofman Humanitarians in the age of counter terrorism: rejected by rebels, co-opted by States p. 12
  Tarik Kadir The Rohingya refugee crisis: forgotten then, forgotten now p. 26
Focus : NGOs and the private sector: The State as an arbitrator?”
  Jessica Fleurinor and Caroline Putman Cramer The ICRC and partnerships with the private sector: evolution and ethical considerations p. 38
  Pierre Boris N’nde Refugees wedged between corporate malfunctions and the lack of State involvement: the example of a cash programme in Cameroon p. 50
  Interview with

Patrice Paoli

“What’s important, is the mission and that everyone be inspired by common guidelines” p. 64
  Joël Le Corre Social Impact Bonds or the pyromaniac State p. 73
  Interview with

Jan Egeland

“We should be as ambitious in protection of the civilians as we have become in assistance” p. 88
  Julien Potet Snakebites in Africa: a humanitarian and political fight p. 101
  MAPS The MAPS’s Collective p. 110
  Totally Brax Crazy Guidelines p. 125
   Books “NGOs. De-politicization of the resistance to neoliberalism? A developing countries Perspective” p. 126
From Lesbos to Calais: How Europe creates encampments p. 130

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