Summary – Issue N°8



  D. Tan

P. Gallien


New technologies put to the test of humanitarian ethics p. 5
  N. Lemay-Hébert,

A. Martel

P. Robitaille


Haiti: tensions between aid relief and development in the health sector p. 18
Focus: The rise of new technologies: Utility, misuse and meaning
  E. Jané,

G. Foutry

S. Sanou


The use of digital tools at large scale: lessons from a health programme in Burkina Faso p. 40
  Le Roch, Dennefeld, Antoine, de Roquemaurel, Bureau et Ait-Aissa


The arbitration required between possibilities of new technologies and usefulness for populations p. 53
  N. A. Raymond et D. P. Scarnecchia


At the era of “humanitarian digitisation”, lifting the veil of newness p. 64
  M. de France

N.-F. Eissen


Fostering good practices in the use of information and communications technologies p. 73
  M. Hofman


Humanitarian drones: useful tool, toxic image p. 88
  A. Boinet

B. Miribel


The Challenges of the new French Humanitarian strategy p. 102
  J. Alejandro


“The biggest area in which blockchain can help promote human rights is digital identity” p. 118
  Entretien avec



An eye on the world p. 132
  Totally Brax Une brève histoire de l’humanitaire p. 161
  Livres The voice of the milieu p. 162
  “Within French diversity, I wanted to address Muslim humanitarian aid”    
      Going against the flow    
      Brauman: the maverick renegade of humanitarian aid    

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