Summary – Issue N°9



  C. Egger About the critical junctures in humanitarian history p. 1


  M.-L. Desgrandchamps Biafra: at the heart of postcolonial humanitarian ambiguities p. 8
  Interview with P. Micheletti and

B.-G. David

“The portrayal of humanitarianism has, to say the least, dramatically changed in 50 years” p. 20

Focus: 1968-2018: Breakdown and continuities

  D. Mclean


Humanitarian implications of a re-assertion of State sovereignty p. 38
  P. Laissus-Benoist


The endless restructuring of the humanitarian sector: an inappropriate search for performance? p. 52
  F. Grünewald


Aid workers and the uprooted: chronic of a parallel evolution p. 63
  O. Gómez


Sovereignty as responsibility in East Asia’s response to crises p. 78
  M. Gerbier-Aublanc


The “hybridisation of humanitarianism”: ordinary citizens in French migrant camps p. 90


  R. Kent The future of humanitarianism p. 104


  A. Lefébure


The socio-economic integration of refugees involves recognising know-how, qualifications and skills p. 122


  K. Mansour, J.-B. Richardier & A. Donini


The United Against Inhumanity initiative p. 134
  Totally Brax   p. 157
  Livres Com’passionLives in waitingA Guinean jigsaw puzzleA humanitarian lifeSyria by ReyMosul in the time of the Islamic StateSocial commitment for dummiesMemory of a without borders p. 158