Summary – Issue N°10

  Boris Martin

Cities: a new humanitarian field

p. 1
  Interview with

J. Adelman

“1919 was ‘year zero’ for internationalism”

p. 8
  M. Neuman

Médecins Sans Frontières-France: tensions arising from the “Migration” projects

p. 22

Focus: The urban bomb: Which impact for humanitarian workers?

  E. Matteudi

Humanitarianism at the heart of tomorrow’s urban challenges

p. 38
  R. Colombier

A development NGO faced with a major emergency in an urban environment

p. 48
  L. Thaller, I. Silver

A virtuous circle of collaboration for an efficient urban humanitarian response: Kampala

p. 59
  E. Bossennec

The “Officials of 40 Street” in N’Djamena: a phenomenon outside the humanitarian field

p. 70
  C. Silva, L. Molfino, A. González, A. Malm

Overcoming barriers for treating people who use drugs in an urban setting

p. 79
  P. Cortés Ferrández

Resilience as a protection strategy in informal settlements

p. 89
  Diego R. F. Otegui

Can gangs play a role in providing relief?

p. 98
  J. Antouly

Urban warfare: a challenge for humanitarian law and action

p. 108
  G. Carbonnier

Revisiting the Nexus: numbers, principles and the issue of social change

p. 120
  M. Bouchon Innovating humanitarian practices through socio-anthropological research p. 136
  D. Alalouf-Hall “The Kamaishi miracle”: lessons learned from the 2011 tsunami in Japan p. 148
  P. Brunet “What have we lost along the way?” p. 164
Reportage Collectif Item Collectif item is an eye-opener p. 172
  Totally Brax /Books   p. 182