Summary – Issue N°11

  Christophe Buffet

Humanitarian aid workers and the challenge of climate change

p. 1

Focus: Climate change: Understanding, anticipating, adapting

  Guillaume Devars, Julien Fouilland, François Grünewald, Thuy-Binh Nguyen et Julie Mayans

Anticipating uncertainty, preparing for the unknown: humanitarian actors in the face of issues linked to climate change

p. 10
  Runa Khan, Marc Elvinger et William Lebedel

For the climate, end the distinction between humanitarian aid and development aid

p. 24
  Marie-Noëlle Reboulet

From carbon offsetting to climate solidarity

p. 34
  Bruno Jochum, François Delfosse, Maria Guevara, Léo L. Tremblay, Carol Devine

Choices at the time of the climate emergency

p. 44
  Audrey Sala

How to take care of humankind at +2°C?

p. 64
  Arjun Claire et Jérôme Élie

The difficult legal consideration of climate migrants

p. 76


  Manon Radosta


What does the future have in store for humanitarian aid logistics?

p. 90


  Michel Maietta

The geopolitics of homophobia

p. 104


Agnès Varraine-Leca

Yemen: living with bombs and landmines

p. 116


  Totally Brax /Books   p. 134