Summary – Issue N°12

  Vincent Léger

Population science working hand-in-hand with humanitarian workers?

p. 1
Focus : Demography: Figures and ills
  Gilles Pison

World demographic prospects: between certainties and uncertainties

p. 6
  Valéry Ridde, Emmanuel Bonnet, Kadidiatou Kadio, Sarah Louart


Demographics in the service of Universal Health Coverage: examples in West Africa

p. 33
  Emmanuel Matteudi

Demographic transition in the Mediterranean: between rising risks and the necessary adaptations of humanitarian practices

p. 49
  Joséphine Lémouogué, Éric Joël Fofiri Nzossie, Jasmine Laurelle Kahou Nzouyem

Cameroon: reception areas for displaced people, between socio-demographic reconfiguration and managing Persons with Specific Needs

p. 59
  Astrid Fossier-Heckmann et Hugo Tiffou

Environmental health at Médecins du Monde: from the emergence to the structuring of a struggle

p. 78
  Audrey Sala

Chronicle of a foretold manipulation of humanitarian aid?

p. 92


Florence Thune

VIH/sida : pour que la lutte ne devienne pas indétectable

p. 102
  Abdulmonam Eassa

In the closed door of Eastern Ghouta

p. 112
  Totally Brax   p. 129
  Books/Films   Everything you ever wanted to know about humanitarianism, but were afraid to ask… // Two brothers in pictures, a country’s heritage //

Aleppo, an insider’s view

p. 130