Summary – Issue N°13

  Boris Martin Sophie Zaccaria The impact of generational change on humanitarian aid p. 1
  Diane Alalouf-Hall

François Audet

Haiti: understanding
 the underwhelming appraisal of the international humanitarian efforts p. 6
Focus : Generations: Break point or fresh start?
  Étienne Baudon Finding the proper balance between generations p. 16
  Éric Gazeau From enchantment to questioning: the changing face of humanitarian commitment p. 25
  Amélia Houmaïri-Romy

Vincent Taillandier

Should the “new young humanitarians” hack the system? p. 35
  William Empson, Cécile Pétriat Stefano Manfredi Integration, inclusion, induction: how Médecins Sans Frontières welcomes new generations p. 47
  Stéphanie Tchiombiano Training future generations of international aid professionals: challenges and discussion topics p. 59
  Karine Meaux, Haryanti Sunarta, Chaerul Umam Patrick Verbruggen Lessons in localisation: the Fondation de France’s experiences in Nepal and in Indonesia p. 72
  Valéry Ridde, Solange Dabiré, Christian Dagenais Use of research by NGOs: a call for reflection and action p. 86
  Amador Gomez, Pascal Revault, Pawankumar Patil Operational research and malnutrition: state of knowledge and food for thought p. 102

  Fabrice Weissman Should Médecins Sans Frontières join the fight against global warming? p. 124

  Denis Rouvre et Médecins du Monde Unsung heroes, Breaking the silence p. 142
  Books   Science to the rescue of universal coverage // The moral of “extreme urgency” in question p. 159