The Humanitarian “Corticated”

Profession – Aid Worker. Chronicles of reception
Jean-François Corty, with the participation of Jérémie Dres (storyline) and Marie-Ange Rousseau (illustrations) Éditions Les escales/Steinkis, 2020 (published in French)

Publisher’s note

Jean-François Corty, doctor and aid worker, gives us a free and honest account of the arrival of migrants in France and of the drama unfolding before our eyes. 

The issue of migration is at the heart of political and media discourse in France and in Europe, and it is often addressed from a security perspective with a mixture of fantasy, fear and spurious data. Through his experience with various NGOs, Jean-François Corty has travelled throughout the world, and in France, today also the theatre of humanitarian action. Often asked for his views as an expert on this question, his graphic novel gives him the opportunity of sharing his experience in a different way. He can speak more freely than in a television studio… and so dismantle stereotypes that much more effectively!

Translated from the French by Fay Guerry