Summary – Issue N°14

  Boris Martin Humanitarian aid hit by Covid-19 p. 1
  Jean-François Mattei Changes in our environment and epidemics are linked to human activity p. 8
Focus : Covid-19 : Impacts dans le champ humanitaire
  Jean Freney Understanding the history, dynamics and workings of epidemics

p. 18
  Stéphanie Maltais Learning the hard way: how the Ebola virus experience can help Guinea deal with Covid-19 p. 38
  François Grünewald What the Covid-19 crisis tells us about our ability to learn p. 48
  Chloé Cébron, Shelley-Rose Hyppolite Nadja Pollaert The central role of community health in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic: the experience of Médecins du Monde Canada p. 60
  Miriam Kasztura Françoise Duroch Tough choices: moral challenges experienced by aid workers during the Covid-19 pandemic p. 71
  Michiel Hofman Responding to Covid-19 in conflicts: difficult but necessary p. 84
  Yannick Jaffré, Fatoumata Hane, Hélène Kane A test of dignity: an anthropological analysis of Covid-19 responses in West Africa p. 96
  Karl Blanchet The Covid-19 pandemic: a double burden in humanitarian crises p. 114
  Norah Niland An unhealthy combination: War, Covid-19 and the politics of metaphor p. 126
  Anna Khakee Why Covid-19 should not be considered as solely a humanitarian emergency p. 137
  Martin Vielajus et Jean-Martial Bonis-Charancle Aid localisation: current state of the debate and potential impacts of the Covid-19 crisis

p. 150

  Alain Caillé, Bertrand Livinec Neoliberalism: are we past the peak of the epidemic? p. 164
  Brax Covid-19: Lockdown for NGO’s p. 173
  Books Humanitarian statistics // Images of exile // The Humanitarian “Corticated” p. 174
    A tribute to Olivier Mouzay p. 185