Table of contents – Issue 15

  Boris Martin and François Grünewald The never-ending story p. 1
  Joël Glasman The invention of impartiality: the history of a humanitarian principle, from a legal, strategic and algorithmic perspective p. 8
Focus : Covid-19 : Lessons learned and future challenges
  Emmanuel Baron and Michaël Neuman Communicating and convincing: a humanitarian perspective on the French response to the coronavirus epidemic p. 24
  Olivia Nevissas, Aurélie Tinland, Cyril Farnarier, Emilie Mosnier and Marine Mosnier The homeless population and Covid-19: a study of the application of humanitarian praxis by non-profit organisations in Marseille p. 35
  George Foden Learning from Covid-19: the inextricable link between health and housing p. 48
  Irène Sesmaisons The impact of Covid-19 on African civil society organisations p. 59
  Marie-Claude Savard, François Audet and Marie-Pierre Leroux Localisation of aid through the lens of Covid-19: a matter of choice, or a last resort? p. 68
  Candice Holt, Xiomara Hurni-Cranston, Lamiya Mahpara Ahmed and Federica Mastroianni Data collection: lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic in Rohingya refugee camps, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh p. 79
  Diane Alalouf-Hall, Yvan Conoir, Jean Marc Fontan, David Grant-Poitras and Stéphanie Maltais Between threats and opportunities: the Canadian response to Covid-19 p. 94
  Madhushala Senaratne  Reinventing storytelling with the help of Covid-19? p. 116
  François Sennesael Distorted representation of the Other, neglected modernity and truncated partnerships: why humanitarian advocacy must be decolonised p. 128

  Philippe Ryfman Giving ourselves the means to fight against the impunity of attackers of humanitarian workers p. 144
  Bruno Cabanes   “Humanitarian Photography”: an historian’s point of view p. 152
Brax   The poorest, first victims of the pandemic? p. 171
Books   The sinews of war // A lasting spring // Alternative approach of change // History against the grain // 40 years of Solidarités International // 40 years of Médecins du Monde p. 172