Jean-Christophe Rufin – co-founder of Humanitarian Alternatives

In February 2021, Humanitarian Alternatives celebrates its fifth anniversary. From the lessons of the Ebola crisis to the pandemic we are facing today, from climate change to the generational evolution that is shaking up the aid sector, from the geopolitical transformations to the technological innovations that are transforming the way NGOs work: five years of analysis, debate and creative proposals. Through fifteen issues, some 200 articles and even more online content, this review has gradually established itself as the voice of humanitarian thinking with French-speaking roots but resolutely open to the world, at the heart of a new dialogue between fieldworkers and academic circles of the North and South. On the occasion of this anniversary, co-founder Jean-Christophe Rufin looks back on the creation of the review, humanitarian news in recent years, and the evolution of the aid community.

An interview conducted by Boris Martin, editor-in-chief of the review, to be discovered above.