An A to Z of project management

La gestion de projets de développement international et d’action humanitaire
Sophie Brière, Yves Poulin, Yvan Conoir, Stéphanie Maltais et Isabelle Auclair
Presses de l’Université Laval
Second edition, 2021
(Published in French)

Publisher’s note

Designed with a management approach, this book lists and documents all the phases of the international development and humanitarian project life cycle. The guide’s rigorous approach provides a comprehensive and up-to-date vision of project management concepts, methods and implementation tools, and simultaneously tackles international development and humanitarian work. The emphasis is deliberately placed on the skills and roles of the people who propose, manage, monitor and assess projects. The book will inform the training and vocational practices of anyone looking to become involved in humanitarian work and international development.

Three of the authors – Sophie Brière, Yvan Conoir and Stéphanie Maltais – are members of the Scientific Council of Humanitarian Alternatives. Yvan Conoir is also a member of its Steering Committee [Editor’s note].

Translated from the French by Gillian Eaton