Table of contents – Issue 16

  Boris Martin and Jan Verlin Humanitarian aid and the challenge of gender-based and sexual violence p. 1
  Yannick Jaffré How the Covid-19 pandemic is increasing the need for an operational approach in health anthropology p. 10
Focus : Gender-based and sexual violence: the current state of the humanitarian sector
  Jan Verlin How to better understand the management of sexist and sexual violence committed by humanitarian aid workers p. 34
  Segolen Guillaumat Reflections on patriarchy and the fight against gender-based and sexual violence in the humanitarian sector p. 47
  Françoise Duroch and Emmanuel Noyer Sexual abuse perpetrated by humanitarian workers: from moral relativism to competitive victimhood p. 58
  Isabelle Auclair, Jade St-Georges, Stéphanie Maltais, Sophie Brière and Anne Delorme Confronting sexual violence in Quebec’s international cooperation organisations p. 71
  Jean Émile Mba Sexual exploitation and abuse in humanitarian organisations in Cameroon: methods for identification and logics of obstruction p. 84
  Jasmine-Kim Westendorf “Do no harm”: the challenge of transactional sex in humanitarian operations p. 96
  Rory Downham The professionalisation of humanitarian action: a work still in progress p. 112

  Pierre Micheletti Humanitarian work is coming up against a barrier: how can analysis help devise corrective strategies? p. 130
  ReFOCUS Media Labs   Bye bye, Moria? p. 144
Brax   NGOs caught up by #MeToo p. 165
Books   An A to Z of project management // Climate change as captured in literature // When comic books meet sociology p. 166