Table of contents – Issue 17

  Valéry Ridde Researchers and humanitarian actors: moving from mistrust to efficiency p.1
Focus: Research and humanitarian aid: the challenges of a collaboration
  Duncan McLean and Christine Jamet Research and humanitarian aid: navigating the unpredictable, limiting the avoidable p.12
  Jeremy Allouche and Camille Maubert How to co-produce transdisciplinary and plural knowledge to solve complex humanitarian problems? An illustration in the Democratic Republic of the Congo p.25
  Camille Balcou Incorporating the sciences into humanitarian interventions: the case of anticipatory action p.41
  Marine Ricau, Daniele Lantagne and Baptiste Lecuyot Improving collaboration between humanitarian and research actors to strengthen the evidence base for water, sanitation and hygiene interventions p.52
  Maritza Pedreros The contributions of clinical sociology research to the socio-humanitarian sector p.65
  Camilo Coral Mental health and psychosocial support in humanitarian interventions: critical analysis of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee guidelines p.77
  Pascale Hancart Petitet The principles and challenges of the interplay and dual commitment between research and humanitarian action online
  Marc Imbeault, Émilie Gélinas and Oumar Mallé Samb An analysis of ethical dilemmas in medical internships in countries with limited resources p.94

  Ron Waldman Health multilateralism in the Biden era: it is a change for the better, but is it a change for good? p.108
  Lâm Duc Hiên Reunited p.122
Brax Research and humanitarian aid: the challenges of a collaboration p.139
Books The mother of all battles // A life of commitment alongside the “disenfranchised” // Fraternity as the common good of humanity p.144
Articles The practice of midwives in Benin and Burkina Faso through the prism of research // A review of the Middle East p.154
Films Internal borders p.159