UHC, Horizon 2030

Vers une couverture sanitaire universelle en 2030 ? Réformes en Afrique subsaharienne
Valéry Ridde (dir.), preface by Ndèye Bineta Mbow Sane
Éditions Science et bien commun, 2021
(published in French)

Publisher’s note

This multiauthor volume brings together the latest scientific knowledge on health finance reforms in sub-Saharan Africa, about subjects as varied as free policies, outcome-based funding and health insurance. In addition to the origin and content of these different policies, the articles analyse the challenges of their implementation, but also their effects and sustainability. While fully in line with the current debate about universal health coverage (UHC), one of the main challenges of this book is also to inform reflections at the national level, from Senegal to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, via the Sahel and Benin. In an accessible language, some 40 authors share their rigorous and mostly unpublished analyses, in order to provide a better understanding of the road ahead for UHC to become a reality in sub-Saharan Africa, with all due respect to the proponents of the new public administration.

Book licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution, available in open access: