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When comic books meet sociology

Sociorama – Les Nouvelles de la Jungle de Calais
Lisa Mandel and Yasmine Bouagga
Éditions Casterman, 2017
(Published in French)
Cover : © Editions Casterman S.A./Lisa Mandel and Yasmine Bouagga

Publisher’s note

The Sociorama series is where comic books meet sociology. On one side, you have sociologists who happen to love comic books and founded the Socio en cases association; on the other, comic book authors curious about sociology. Together, they came up with an original approach: to produce neither literal adaptation nor anecdote, but fiction based on the reality of the field. Any resemblance is not entirely coincidental…

In Les Nouvelles de la Jungle de Calais, Lisa (the artist) and Yasmine (the sociologist) visited the Calais “jungle” over the course of one year. With humour – and without descending into miserabilism – they depict the daily work of organisations easing the plight of thousands of men, women and children fleeing war. A field survey that sheds light on how refugees are welcomed in France, the land of human rights… Continue reading

Climate change as captured in literature

The Great Derangement. Climate Change and the Unthinkable
Amitav Ghosh
University of Chicago Press, 2016

Publisher’s note

It all starts with a simple question: why is climate change absent from contemporary literature?

The climate crisis is a new kind of event and one that is difficult to comprehend because it is incompatible with the narratives and imagination that have shaped our world. This phenomenon is the rebuttal of our modern tales, our stories and our myths. Ghosh therefore invites us to embark on a thorough reshaping of our narrative frameworks. Firstly, by calling for another type of literature, liberated from this immutable Nature and confined to the background of human actions. Secondly, by rewriting the history of modernity so as to dispel the myth of industrialisation driven solely by the countries of the North. Finally, by questioning the Nation-States, whose imperial structures are inseparable from the profligate consumption of energy that causes global warming. Continue reading

An A to Z of project management

La gestion de projets de développement international et d’action humanitaire
Sophie Brière, Yves Poulin, Yvan Conoir, Stéphanie Maltais et Isabelle Auclair
Presses de l’Université Laval
Second edition, 2021
(Published in French)

Publisher’s note

Designed with a management approach, this book lists and documents all the phases of the international development and humanitarian project life cycle. The guide’s rigorous approach provides a comprehensive and up-to-date vision of project management concepts, methods and implementation tools, and simultaneously tackles international development and humanitarian work. The emphasis is deliberately placed on the skills and roles of the people who propose, manage, monitor and assess projects. The book will inform the training and vocational practices of anyone looking to become involved in humanitarian work and international development. Continue reading