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“Infuriating doves of peace”: an interview with Plantu and Reza

Regards croisés
Plantu & Reza
Gallimard, 2021
Published in French

The renowned photographer Reza and Le Monde’s iconic cartoonist Plantu have just published a book in which they revisit eighty or so of their respective photos and cartoons. The publication, which covers a vast range of historical events and global issues – from the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979 to the genocide of the Tutsis in Rwanda in 1994 by way of the environment, climate change and the situation of women and children around the world –, is a work of both remembrance and creativity. Each coupling of one photo and one cartoon takes us back to past events while generating a new and singular work of art calling to mind the style of certain collage artists. The reader’s appetite is also whet by an excellent foreword by art critic Pierre Bongiovanni, in which he offers his own take on this original work. We met Plantu and Reza to find out more about this project which prompted an engaging and lively interview – also condensed below in writing. Continue reading

The humanity of humanitarianism

L’ultime frontière
Giselda Gargano
Éditions Les Nouveaux Auteurs, 2021
Published in French

Humanitarian action may well conjure up a romantic world of adventure, but plotting it into fiction is not an easy task, for it’s often not as exotic as it seems, and good writing is not created from noble intentions. In her debut novel, Giselda Gargano has avoided these pitfalls. From her background as an ex-staff member of the communications department of a humanitarian organisation, she has built an enriching story, both ambitious and sensitive in scope, in which the concepts of “boundaries” and “conflicts”, serving as the underlying thread, are understood not only in a traditional sense but in a more intimate one as well. As the story unfolds through very human perspectives, it takes a close-up look at the boundaries that one may or may not cross, along with the clashes of perspectives and egos. Continue reading