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Children as agents in crises: re-assessing adult-child power dynamics in humanitarian action

S. L. Stoffel

K. Kreyscher

Sofie Lilli Stoffel • Research associate at the Global Public Policy Institute in Berlin (Germany)

Kirstin Kreyscher • PhD candidate at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Deakin University (Australia)

The humanitarian sector is not spared from the adultcentrism governing our societies. Taking this notion and its practical implications as a starting point, the two authors deconstruct this doxa and explore what might be achieved if children’s voices and expertise were taken into account. Continue reading

Management of the suffering child: a medical and operational challenge

E. Rahmouni

O. Guillard

Elba Rahmouni and Olivier Guillard • Médecins Sans Frontières

This article presents a troubling example of the effects of adultcentrism. While the treatment of pain in adults and children in rich countries has made remarkable progress, its application to children in fragile countries is severely lagging. It is a credit to the authors’ that they raise this issue in light of their NGO’s work. But it is a concern that should be of interest to many others in the sector. Continue reading

The resilient child: an alternative approach to suffering child icons

S. Nakueira

Sophie Nakueira • Senior research fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology (Germany)

Can the image of the resilient child permanently counterbalance that of the suffering child? This is the hope the author shares with us, based on her fieldwork in Uganda. To support her argument, she refers to the experiences of NGOs and international organisations that have not only changed their image policy but also enabled children to emerge from their situation as victims. Continue reading

Critical perspectives on child protection in the Democratic Republic of Congo

C. Maubert

Camille Maubert • PhD candidate in international development at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland)

In light of a violence prevention programme for children and young people, the author challenges the traditional notions of victimhood and vulnerability. Agentivity and capacity for initiative are valued in order to remove children from categories that can, ironically, turn them into “bad victims”. Continue reading

Advancing the participatory rights of Haitian children and youth in the context of migration

D. Ciufo

Dustin Ciufo • Assistant Professor, Trent University Durham (Canada)

Young Haitians who wish to leave their environment to go to Port-au-Prince or further afield should be supported in their endeavour and helped in their choice. Reversing the “protective” and “incapacitating” perspective, the author argues for humanitarian actors taking into consideration the voices and aspirations of young people. Continue reading

The French Hautes-Alpes: community solidarity locks horns with a security ideology

A. Antoine

P. Hanus

A. Junca

L. Marchello

G. Pégon

P. Wyon

Agnès Antoine, Philippe Hanus, Ariane Junca, Luc Marchello, Guillaume Pégon et Philippe Wyon • Militants, chercheurs et acteurs de l’accueil des exilés

In Vauban’s old fortress-building stomping ground, and more specifically at the frontier with Italy, the French State is striving to secure its borders. Volunteers respond by creating humanitarian corridors and providing aid to migrants in transit in the mountains. A heart-rending account of a local solution to a global problem. Continue reading

The cause of exiles in France: the reticence of international humanitarian organisations called into question

F. Meunier

Frédéric Meunier • Cofondateur et directeur du Group’, coordinateur du Fonds de Dotation RIACE France (Lyon, France)

All over France, solidarity with migrants is demonstrated through multiple initiatives led by local associations. But for Frédéric Meunier, the major humanitarian NGOs are not doing enough of their part in this fight. Continue reading

Humanitarian discourse and the challenges of migration: the European exception?

M. L’Homme

Maelle L’Homme • Unité de Recherche sur les Enjeux et Pratiques Humanitaires de Médecins Sans Frontières à Genève (Suisse)

Are non-governmental organisations also guilty of double standards? Reviewing humanitarian actors’ approaches to migration in Europe, the author analyses the demands, intentions and dilemmas that drive them. Continue reading

Indignity at the gates of Europe

L. Lefebvre

G. Caussé

Léna Lefebvre • Chargée de projets pour l’association Humacoop-Amel France

Guy Caussé • Président de l’association Humacoop-Amel France


Humacoop-Amel France is one of those activist organisations that never forget the tragic situation of the exiled people “at the gates of Europe”, particularly considering that Greece is regarded as an airlock for people making their way to other countries on the continent.

Continue reading

A critique to political chauvinism and the naturalisation of racial privilege in Myanmar

E. S. Molano

Eduardo S. Molano • A journalist, in the course of a PhD in Migration Studies at Sussex University (United Kingdom)

Behind the political crisis and the fate of the Rohingyas, there are deeply entrenched ethnic markers and a well-established social hierarchy. The author examines these aspects at the crossroads of current events – the recent coup – and the enduring wandering of migrants in Bangladesh. Continue reading