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Use of research by NGOs: a call for reflection and action

V. Ridde

S. Dabiré

C. Dagenais

Valéry Ridde • Centre Population et Développement, IRD, France

Solange Dabiré • AGIR, Burkina Faso

Christian Dagenais • Université de Montréal, Canada

The authors stress the importance of taking research findings into account for NGO interventions, and identify the technical and political challenges this presents. They put forward several approaches favorable to taking research into account, while explaining that knowledge and initiatives are still lacking in this area. This article provides a brief outline of the current state of affairs and puts forward the idea of an issue of Humanitarian Alternatives with a focus on knowledge transfer by NGOs, to be published in 2021. Continue reading

Operational research and malnutrition: state of knowledge and food for thought

A. Gomez

P. Revault

P. Patil

Amador Gomez, Pascal Revault, Pawankumar Patil • Action contre la Faim

Many NGOs have already responded to the requirement of linking action and research. For instance, since 2016, Action Against Hunger has been holding a conference to take stock of these mutual insights and advances in malnutrition. Here, the three authors summarise the latest event held last November. Continue reading