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Managing dedication, risk and emotions: the experiences of French Red Cross volunteers during the Covid-19 emergency

O. Névissas

Olivia Névissas • Anthropologue

In direct contact with beneficiaries, the volunteers of the French Red Cross provide aid despite the risk to their physical and mental health. How did they cope during this unprecedented situation that affected both their capacity to commit and their usual management practices? Based on a study funded by the French Red Cross Foundation, the author attempts to provide answers to this important question.  Continue reading

The continuum of violence in forced migration: acknowledging it and acting on it

I. Auclair

L. Suelves Ezquerro

Isabelle Auclair  • Titulaire de la Chaire Claire-Bonenfant – Femmes, Savoirs et Sociétés et professeure à l’Université Laval (Québec)

Lorena Suelves Ezquerro • Diplômée en travail social des universités de Saragosse (Espagne) et de Toulouse (France), en thèse de doctorat en anthropologie à l’Université Laval (Québec)

On top of the difficulty or distress they experience when leaving, migrants endure all kinds of violence throughout their exile. For the authors, recognising the existence of this “continuum” of violence is an essential step in reducing its prevalence.

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