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World Humanitarian Summit: a lost opportunity?

Antonio Donini • Humanitarian researcher and analyst


A. Donini

Did the World Humanitarian Summit which was the major topic covered in the last issue of Humanitarian Alternatives – published just a few days before the event – hold all its promises or only give birth to a mouse, as we then feared? Antonio Donini delivers here a more subtle analysis, to be true, slightly less disenchanted, but redoubtably argumented. Mentioning at the same time the very recent United Nations summit relating to migrants, the latter being the main theme of this new issue, major cause for which there is unfortunately so little to rejoice about, the author brings forward the hidden stake of the actual humanitarian system: its institutional reform.

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Engaging with National Authorities: Médecins Sans Frontières’s experience in Guinea during the Ebola epidemic

Marc Poncin • Unité de Recherche sur les Enjeux et Pratiques Humanitaires, Médecins sans Frontières/Centre opérationnel Genève


M. Poncin

The Ebola epidemic continues to be instructive. This was indeed the conclusion of the “Focus” on this subject in our inaugural issue: the magnitude of this unprecedented crisis, its failures and successes, required that there were lessons to be learned. This is what Marc Poncin, the former coordinator for Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in Guinea-Conakry, does here as he looks back on the stormy but ultimately constructive relations with the country’s authorities.

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