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Chronicle of a foretold manipulation of humanitarian aid?

A. Sala

Audrey Sala • Revue Alternatives Humanitaires

This article cannot be termed a survey but it has much to say about the increasingly strong signs — for anyone willing to notice them — of the growing influence of private economic interests in the humanitarian sector. Audrey Sala brings us an in-depth insight into the world of convergence, “partnerships of enlightened self-interest” and the creeping appropriation of the humanitarian label by stakeholders that are anything but solidarity actors. Continue reading

HIV/AIDS: may our struggle not become undetectable

F. Thune

Florence Thune • Directrice générale de Sidaction

Despite scientific research, nearly 800,000 people still die from HIV and 1.7 million others are newly infected each year across the world. Allocating financial resources to this struggle is therefore still a need, as the challenge is to maintain more than 37 million people in care throughout their lives. But because HIV infection is also a powerful indicator of inequality, the response to it must revolve around new alliances between NGOs to pursue a highly political fight. Continue reading